02/20/15 Al DiMeola

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Al DiMeola is still a master. I first saw him at a guitar clinic in West Palm Beach 30 years ago. Last night he looked the same and was still an incredible guitar player. Watching this show last night was such a joyful experience, it’s hard to put into words. The subtle way he plays symphony conductor with the band, the crazy changing time signatures – it was all quite an experience. Let me start from the beginning. There was no opening act; Al sets things up so perfectly acoustically that working in an opening act just isn’t feasible. Everybody on stage is set up so that they can see Al, not so much so the audience can see the band, which is fine because the band needs to watch the conductor. All of this effort turns into an audio experience as perfect as one could have. There was also a light show but it was subtle and just enough to add, not distract, from the music.

The only thing that could have made the night any better was if people would have put their fucking cell phones away. Me and the nice young couple next to me were perplexed by how rude all these grown adults were being with their cell phones. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand wanting to get a little keepsake to remember the show but that’s why you go buy some swag at the merch table or maybe take a couple of quick pictures. I don’t understand how you can watch a live performance – that’s going on right in front of you – through that small screen on your cell phone. Not to mention I don’t want to look at that shit I’m trying to watch the concert. That’s what was happening in front of me. To my right, sitting next to the young couple, were three people who didn’t bother to show up until after intermission and then proceeded to stare at their cell phones for the entire concert. What. The. Fuck. Why come?
Actually I feel kind of sorry for these people. I bet a lot of life passes right by them without notice.

Alright, phone rant over. Now don’t get me wrong, I would never let these silly people ruin my amazing experience. Also, by the way he talked, this won’t be the last time Al comes around.


Febuary 16th At The High Dive

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I went to the High Dive last night, saw another great metal show, and caught up with some people I hadn’t seen in a while. I wish there was some way we could get more people out to these shows, but for a Monday night I’m glad I wasn’t the only audience member.

Four bands were on the bill, all of them trios. First up was an experimental metal band from Palatka called Armageddon III, and they still say “fuck it we don’t need no stinking guitar player”, and they don’t. I think if they were to add a guitar player it would probably ruin their sound. I really like everything about this band. They seem like really cool people with a good attitude. I spent some time talking with a couple of the band members after the show last night, and hopefully I’m going to make my way to Palatka to record some more episodes of Gainesville Metal.

Next on the bill was a band called Waste, and I’m going to coin a phrase to describe these guys. I’m going to put this band in a subgenre called Prog Punk. While the drummer and bass player were playing straight up punk music the guitar player was playing an eight string guitar which of course added a complexity you don’t normally hear with punk music. Personally I really liked it, and I’m not the biggest fan of punk music. I look forward to seeing what else these guys do.

Third to play was Erode, one of the first bands I interviewed for Gainesville Metal. I can always count on this group to bring a little doom. I wouldn’t call them purely a Doom Metal band, but when Dave switches to his down tuned guitar the band’s sound definitely goes in that direction. I’ve seen these guys play a few times, and they always put on a quality show.

The headliner of the evening was Mobile Deathcamp, and when a band of this caliber comes to town, and we have such a low turnout for the show it confuses and bums me out. Aside from the face shredding, kick ass, Thrash Metal show these guys put on, they hang out in the club all night. You can walk up and talk to them – they’re very approachable. While I do like being able to get to the front of the stage, and so closely watch a master shredder at work that I could reach out and touch his guitar, I would much rather see bigger crowds come out to the shows. Because if Gainesville could produce audiences for these shows we would get more bands to come through town… just saying.

Episode 30 My Interview with Chris and Andrew of Vitreous

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Vitreous InterviewVitreous

This was the other interview I got at The High Dive last week. It was the weee hours of the morning when we did this, and it came out rather well. I’m looking forward to these guys finishing their album, and talking about it with them on another podcast.

Vitreous on Facebook

Good News Everyone

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Now as you may or may not know the Backstage Lounge is not putting on shows anymore so I lost my cool place to conduct interviews. I admit I was really spoiled using Wolfman’s office. Since that situation isn’t available to me anymore it has became really difficult – in fact impossible – to get any interviews done. I did knock out a couple of little interviews at the High Dive last weekend. They were very gracious to me, but I had to try and jam interviews in while bands were setting up to go on stage which didn’t allow me a lot of time.


However I have solved the problem – Gainesville Metal will be doing its podcast from The Salt. It’s a new venue in town and the owners have agreed to let me come in, set up my equipment, and do interviews on the regular. So if you’re a local band or a band that’s coming through town and would like to come on my podcast to promote your band please contact me because now I can schedule shit.

Episode 29 My Interview with Maz from Infinite Earths

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An Interview with Maz of Infinite EarthsInfinite Earths

I did this interview very recently at a local venue called the High Dive, so I would like to thank them for being so gracious, and giving me a little corner to set up my equipment. You’ll hear towards the end of the interview one of the bands starting to do a guitar check. It was actually so loud that me and Maz couldn’t talk to each other anymore (I’m going to have to get some headphones for this) but the microphone actually didn’t pick it up that much, so the sound check won’t sound as loud to you when you listen to this, but it kept us from communicating at the moment. I do cut out most of the sound check, but that’s all the editing I do to this episode. Me and Maz are kindred spirits so that made this interview a lot of fun if I had had headphones this interview could have been much longer, what can I do, live and learn.

Infinite Earths Facebook

Infinite Earths Bandcamp

Headbang N Buttonmash

Episode 28 My Interview with Grey from Nibiru

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Alright I’ve already sat on this interview for too long, for a whole host of reasons, however I haven’t posted a episode in far too long, but this is the last interview I had banked so here you go.

This is a new band by some great long time Gainesville musicians. They don’t have any music posted yet, so send these guys a message to post some.

Nibiru’s Facebook page

Episode 27 My Interview With Dirt Messiah

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Dirt Messiah

This is one of the last interviews I did at a UDTV event at the Backstage Lounge, also follow what my friend Wolfman does, I’m sure he’ll put something interesting together soon.

Be sure and to keep up with these guys, I like their sound, and their attitude. If they can find the right drummer these guys could go far, so if your a drummer looking for a band check these guys out.

Dirt Messiah’s Facebook page

Dirt Messiah’s Reverbnation page